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This is not a blog!

This is not a blog. This is a home page.
What is a "home page," you ask?
Way back in the early days of the internets, when I was a kid, we didn't have blogs. We didn't have "facebooks." We didn't have tweets. If someone wanted to air their ranting, raving, stream-of-conscience crap on the web, they had to write it themselves. In something called HTML, which sounds scary.
I digress. So why the "home page," you ask?

  1. I want to learn "Ruby on Rails." That's the magic behind this site.
  2. I want to share my projects with the web.
  3. I want to establish my namesake, which is "Tex" with one more "x" than you think.
I hope you like what you find. Drink deep.

About RoR

Ruby on Rails is like a french bulldog. Well, not exactly. Ruby on Rails is like a french bulldog with a skateboard that is capable of achieving near light-speed. And the bulldog can do anything. Well, almost anything. She's a product of the nineties, so she doesn't really see any point in fetching the newspaper and bringing it back to you. What a waste of time. What interests her is doing stuff with the information you want, and she will go anywhere on that skateboard to do your bidding on anything to the information and bring it right back to you. And since the skateboard is almost as fast as the speed of light, that means all this work takes almost no time.
Ruby is the bulldog, and Rails is the skateboard. Ruby does all the heavy lifting herself, but she needs the skateboard to get her to all the right places.

About me

I'm an agricultural engineer in the san francisco bay area. I specialize in modeling and algorithms, so I do a fair bit of coding. Which brings us here....

My Projects

"Tex" has one more "x" than you think

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